Promoting healthy self-esteem; building self-confidence.


Who is Blue Roses Girls?

Welcome to Blue Roses Girls where all girls, ages 8-18, who experience social, sensory, emotional, cognitive, and physical differences are welcome.

Blue Roses Girls also welcome typically developing girls to be role models and friends to our Blue Roses Girls.

We were launched in 2011 and are based in San Diego.

Why was Blue Roses Girls formed?

Blue Roses Girls Group was formed because making and sustaining friendships becomes more challengingas the social dynamic of girl friendship shifts from playing together to talking together about common interests such as hair care, skin care, make up, boys, dating, and hanging out with each other. 

One of our objectives is to bridge the unintended divide between typically-developing girls and Blue Roses Girls for a mutually-rewarding and mutually-beneficial friendships to develop.

How is Blue Roses Girls different from other social organizations?

We are an all-girl membership organization welcoming girls ages 8-18 with varying differences, and structuring our activities along themes that girls are interested in.
Can my daughter join in?

From past events we have had girls in our program with the following diagnoses:

   Autism  Aspergers
 Cerebral Palsy  Chromosal Differences
   Anxiety Disorders  Mood disorder

….. And we’d love to keep adding to our list.  If you don’t see your daughter’s diagnosis on this list, please contact us if you’d like your daughter to join. This will enable us all to learn about what makes her so special.

How would you describe your program?

The pace of social development as well as the dynamic of social development for Blue Roses Girls is unique and we offer an environment for all of our Blue Roses Girls to be themselves, to teach us what friendship looks like from their perspective, and what friendship means to them. We offer structured activities and invite our Blue Roses Girls to participate with their friends. 

We don’t scare easily.  We don’t get rattled easily.  We allow each girl to join in at her own pace and her own level of comfort. We also offer the families of Blue Roses Girls a chance to exhale, as well as an environment of understanding and acceptance. We welcome and celebrate differences as our Blue Roses Girls are so unique and have so many gifts to share with all of us.

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